About Arc

ARC is the acronym for A Radical Church. ARC started in March 1997 by Peter & Carris and another couple (James & Deidre). They set out to make ARC a relevant Radical and Real church in Newham. ARC has moved to four locations in its journey so far and has enjoyed continuous growth over the years.

ARC does not exist to convert the converted but rather to relate to and convert the unconverted and church the unchurched.

ARC does not desire to be like any other church it desires to be an authentic, spirit filled, spirit led 21st century Pentecostal Church without walls and man made definitions.

Every Sunday at 11 AM

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Peter Nembhard,
Senior Pastor


Pastor Peter is the founder and senior pastor of ARC. Under his dynamic leadership the ARC has grown significantly. Pastor Peter provides the general oversight and the strategic vision for the growth of the church. He is also the main minister of the word and is married with four children.

The Church We See

We see a Church where God’s presence is always evident. A Church that lives by faith and relies completely on the faithfulness of God. A Church who’s voice is powerful and uncompromising. A Church that is led by the Holy Spirit and has His gifts operating in every service and through its members.

We see a Radical Church whose energetic, heartfelt praise and worship ushers in the glory of God. A Church that is unified through its sincere expression of love and adoration for God. A Church that is abounding in creativity, originality and diversity of gifts, talents and abilities. A Church where excellence & simplicity is part of its DNA. A Church whose members are Honest and Real. A Church whose head is Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit and whose focus is the Great Commission.

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