Putting the jokes aside, this was me on the Sunday evening of the ‘Be Radical’ conference. Floored, still, reflective and in awe of what had taken place over the last three days. A week later and I’m still floored, reflective but most importantly ready to apply all what I have heard and ‘Be Radical’. The ‘Be Radical’ conference was a life changing conference for me, as it challenged, convicted, encouraged, inspired, revived and stirred me to not settle for mediocrity or lukewarmness but to come out of my comfort zone and ‘Be Radical’.


Day 1 of the ‘Be Radical’ conference was hosted by the Kweens Women’s’ Ministry, where we saw the speaker Minister Karen Allen dust off insecurities, doubts and fears off our crowns, and polish our jewels with life from God’s word, power and worth. By the end of the enriching evening, we left feeling assured that we are Queens, precious and valued in the Lord’s sight and stirred to use our God given authority to walk in our purpose. By making such a powerful impact on this world, people who cross paths with us, will say ‘Because she is, I am’.

Minister Karen Allen titled her sermon ‘WWW (Women Working Wonders) ‘Be Radical’. She emphasised that we have all been called by God, have been blessed with gifts and have been given assignments, however some of us, have allowed the enemy to take dominance in our lives, silencing God’s call and leaving our gifts dormant. Minister Karen Allen urged us to revive our gifts, walk in our purpose, be radical for Christ (as there is too much going on in the world for us to remain mediocre) and make a lasting impact on society. She defined the term ‘Radical’ as ‘Something that changes, addresses, affects the major essence of something’ and centred her message on Revelation 12: 1 -2. In this passage of scripture, it talks about a woman, in which there are four things highlighted about her life:

Her Clothes (representing her identity)
Her Feet (representing her destiny)
Her Head (representing her authority)
Her Child (representing her legacy)

Minister Karen Allen encouraged us to identify our identity, destiny, authority and legacy in Christ in order for us to ‘Be Radical’ and advocate a social change. Through addressing the significance of the four points, it was clear that I had no choice but to ‘Be Radical’.

She explained that, in order to be radical, it is pivotal that we first distinguish our identity as Christians; otherwise we will default to the position of ‘I’m not worthy’ and will compare ourselves to other women. We then have to recognise where we are going, which is our destiny, and when we are out of place. When we are out of place, things will not work as God ordained it. Further on in Revelation 12, the woman is driven into the wilderness. Most times we try to avoid the wilderness, however the wilderness often represents a place of preparation. It also reflects a process of pruning, preparation for the next stage for the next stage of our working. The mentioning of the woman’s head reflects her authority. It is important that we are aware of what we have in our hands. God has given us all something! Some were given 5 talents whilst others received one but no one was left without a gift. Identify what God has given you so that you can use it to make a difference. The woman’s child represents her legacy. Minister Karen Allen emphasised that, we have all been placed on this earth for a purpose and then challenged us with the following questions. What impact will we make? What legacy will we leave? Whose life did we touch? Who did we introduce to Christ through the way we conducted our lives?

Minister Karen also defined the term ‘Wonder’ as ‘ A remarkable phenomenon that can occur in life or in the earth’. As women we have the power to make such a powerful impact on this world, that when people look into our lives, they will see Christ and surrender to him. We are women that are called to achieve wonders!


Leaving the ARC on Friday evening had me feeling full in the word and in spirit and I was sure that I had received enough teaching and preaching to ignite and sustain my desire to ‘Be Radical’… But then on Saturday Pastor Michael White stepped onto the pulpit and brought a powerful and unforgettable word. You know when you open the door of a hot oven and are automatically blown back by the heat; well the ARC felt that heat on Saturday.

Pastor Michael White entitled his message ‘Rise up and walk into your destiny!’
He urged us to start and resuscitate all those ideas that God has been speaking to us about, as we’re living in a time where we have to have “No more limits, No more excuses” and simply step out in faith and walk into our destiny. Focusing his sermon on Acts 3, he spoke about the impactful partnership between the two disciples Peter and John. Peter and John ‘s togetherness was a powerful fusion, as Peter being one of the eldest disciples brought wisdom and experience whilst John being one of the youngest had energy and passion. Through the merging of these qualities, the two were able to use their authority in Christ to command the ‘lame man’ to ‘rise up and walk’ and the man was immediately healed and he automatically walked, leaped and praised God. Pastor Michael White encouraged us that, just like Peter and John, the older generation and younger generation need to fuse together as one, to perform miracles, rise up the individuals, and communities in our society that are down, whilst support each other to walk in our own destiny.

Pastor Michael also spoke about us all having gates in our lives. Our gates allow us to either enter into our blessings or exit our trials and tribulations. He stressed the importance of identifying the plans of the enemy, as he will hit us hard when he knows that we are about to receive our blessings or walk out of our trial… So it is crucial that, when the devil tries to hit us, we don’t let where we are dictate who we are! We don’t let our current situation dictate where we are going!
Pastor Michael added ‘It’s time for us to rise up and walk into our destiny. Sometimes in order to walk in your destiny you have to change some of the ways you do things. He reminded us that we’ve reached the half way mark of the year. In sports games, at half time, the team players change their strategy and we as Christians who want to be radical and walk in our calling need to change our strategy too!


By Sunday, the final day of the conference, I had realised that God has blessed so richly with his word however he still had so much more for us. After receiving the starter and the main course, I anxiously awaited the dessert. Reverend David Shosanya served the dessert, leaving us in a sweet spirit and concluded the conference leaving us desiring more.

Reverend David Shosanya focused his sermon on Hebrews 3 and Hebrews 10, entitling his message ‘Fixing our eyes on Jesus’. Hebrews 3 talks about the heart of the unbelief, in which Reverend David Shosanya compelled us to fix our gaze on Christ even through our suffering and difficult situations. The love of God is utterly reliable despite our circumstances, as Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith. Through trying times, fixing our eyes on Jesus requires intentionality; otherwise our gaze will go elsewhere and distort our vision of Christ. We shouldn’t let our focus be on the perception of being right with God but let it be our experience and intimacy with God!

Reverend David Shosanya used Hebrews 10 to highlight the importance of fellowship, as our walk with God should be communal as this is crucial to our faith. He used the verses in Hebrews 10: 22 – 25 to stress the importance of having faith and fellowship.


Verse 22, talks about having ‘a true heart in full assurance of faith’. Reverend David Shosanya shared that once your heart is sincere and you have a full assurance of faith, you will be transformed into God’s likeness.
Verse 23 reads ‘Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering’. He weighed the importance of being steadfast, unmoveable and unshakeable even through difficult times.


Reverend David Shosanya uses verse 24 to emphasise the importance of considering one another and showing love. ‘And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works’. Focusing on the use of the word ‘consider’ he said that we need to intentionally think about others, intentionally show love to others and consider how we can encourage and support each other to do good deeds and progress. He advocated ‘Collaboration over Competition’ this can only be achieved when our eyes are fixed on, and we are secure in Christ.
Verse 25 talks about ‘Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together’ and ‘exhorting one another’. Reverend David Shosanya encouraged fellowship, and us to regularly meet together even if we get hurt by our brothers and sisters. Instead of competing we ought to encourage each other, we should be able to take someone out of fear and doubt and into confidence.

By the end of the what I call to be a life-changing conference, I concluded that in order for me to be a Woman Working Wonders, that rises up and walks into my destiny with a fixed gaze on Jesus, I have to realise and act upon the following three things;

1) Realise and acting upon what God has put in my hand
Despite acknowledging God’s call, gifts that he’s blessed me with and purpose for my life, I haven’t always acted upon his calling. Due to reasons such as fear, doubt, situations, and not fully seeing my identity and authority in Christ, I know that I have so much more to do for his Kingdom! However, I declare that from this day forward, I will accept, appreciate and value my purpose, in order to leave a radical impact on society.
2) Realise and act upon the fact that, for every new level, there is a bigger devil
We all know that the devil comes to steal, to kill and destroy, so it is important to build a defense mechanism for when he tries to attack. As we step out in being radical for Christ, it is important to remember that we will experience trials and testing situations as we are going to new levels. However we have to remember that our current situation does not dictate where we are going!
3) Realise and act upon the fact that, fellowship, collaboration and supporting one another is crucial for our walk
It is so easy to feel devalue our gifts and calling when we compare ourselves to one another. Recently God has been speaking to me about the natural and spiritual body. The body is made up of countless body parts and whilst they differ in purpose they are equally important, as the malfunctioning of a body part has a negative affect upon the whole body. If the body merely consisted of the head (authority), the eyes (vision), legs (walking to one’s destiny) but there was no bottom, how would the body get rid of toxic waste? Just like the natural body, the body of Christ is made up of countless parts, we all have our part to play in the body and we are all important. When we work together, supporting each other in walking in our purposes, not only will we function but also we will produce radical results.

‘Be Radical’…… mission accepted!

by Shenelle Markland