Inspired by Ken Barnes

During our recent BE:RADICAL conference Pastor Michael White reminded us that we are in June and there it is HALF TIME!!!

A football match lasts for 90 minutes without any extra time being added on.

To some a football is just a game of highly paid men kicking a ball around, however. there is a lot of strategy involved in the game.

There are a number of aspects to consider when planning how you are going to win a game, not least how the eleven men on your team are going to function.

Each person has a role to play and they have to work together. That’s a challenge in itself.

Very similar to our lives and the different components that make up our lives and how they work together for our good.

Half time is an important part in any game, as it is a time for reflection from the team to consider how they have performed in the first half and how they will operate in the second half.

We are at a similar point in our lives for 2015. June is the half way point for the year and just like a football team, it is time for us to take some time for reflection and introspection.

How have we performed in the first half of the year?

What could we have done better?

Who on our team is not playing (working) effectively?

Who needs to moved around or taken off (who do we need to stop working with or work with more)?

What strengths in the first half can we utilise more in the second half?

What are our weaknesses and how can we protect against them?

These are just some of the possible questions considered at half time in the dressing room,

These are also some of the questions we need to consider in dressing room of our life, at this half time period of 2015.

If a football team does not consider some of these questions at half time, they will learn nothing from the first half and have the potential to make all the same mistakes they made in the first half.

Even though they may be behind in the first half, forward planning for the second half based reflection and consideration of the first means they have now have the opportunity regain the advantage and still win the match.

It does not matter how the year has started for you, you can still win in 2015.

If you too, take this half time opportunity to review, plan and do.

Review the past six months – plan for the next six months – then do (put into action) your plan.

It’s half time, let’s make sure when it’s full time, we are the winning side, by the grace and will of God.

Your Move